# Welcome to Oshin OS

Oshin OS is an Ezarch Linux based free, safe, and open source operating system for your kids and yourself that allows you to stay safe in the world of technology without compromising on your daily requirements. Oshin OS will operate to ensure your safety, comfort, accessibility, and exploration opportunities. We offer a secure operating system for everyone in this digital world

# Our Mission

As technology advances, it opens a new world to everyone especially young minds but it also increases the risk of being exposed to new threats. We offer a secure operating system for everyone to stay safe in this advance tech driven world.

# Quick start

You can install Oshin OS in 2 different modes.

  • As a day to day OS
  • As a virtual machine to try it out and get used to the environment

# Features

# Light & Comaptible

This robust operating system can be utilized in a domain under minimal availability of resources like:

  • Comparatively low CPU speed.
  • Capability of running under 2GB RAM.
  • Compact size of the ISO file takes only up to 3.5 GB space."

# Customized Chromium with plugins like AD Blocker

A customized and a much more secured version of chrome is shipped with the OS called Chromium. Comes without the primal software of the initial chrome. To expand the user’s efficiency and privacy certain plugins are added (Eg: UBlock Origin).

# Anti Cyber Bullying App

A very distinctive feature of Oshin OS is a useful application for individuals report complaints related to Cyber Bullying while staying anonymous, complaint is forwarded to respective concerned authorities.

# OS level threat blocking

1,80,000+ internet based threats blocked by default from the OS level. Users cannot access these threats whatsoever. These sources are updated everytime the OS is started by the users.

# Usage Monitoring for Parents

We have included Activity Watch Application. This application can be used by parents to check how much time each app was used on the system. This will help parents know the time management that their child has when using the OS. We also have the feature of mailing the parent

# Regular Security Updates

Oshin OS is in it's alpha stages. We update it very regularly and we make sure that we have the best digital security but also making sure that we do not compromise on user accessibility and comfortability.

# Download

You can download Oshin OS using the below link

Download ISO

# Support

Technical support questions are to be mailed asked to the Technical Team. The mails are monitored constantly and we will do our best to assist you.

If you find a bug or would like to submit a feature request, please create an Issue and we will try to look at it right away.

Do you have a general inquiry? Please feel free to contact us at oshinosreports@gmail.com.

Thank you for visiting Oshin OS.